Origin of Heels

Do you ever wonder where the word or even the origin of heels came from?? well, as someone who has been wearing high heels all my life I often wondered where did this fashion come from, why heels? there must have been a reason why this whole fashion started? so after many hours of research and reading about highheels I came to the following info which could be useful to all of you reading this blog:

High Heel LegIn approximately 1500s heels were introduced in response to keeping a rider’s foot in the stirrup. You might ask what is a stirrup?? well back in 1500s there were no cars and people rode their horses and yes, they did have shoes but those shoes had no heels and the bottom of the foot would slip through the stirrup. A stirrup is according to the dictionary “a loop, ring, or other contrivance of metal, wood, leather, suspended from the saddle of a horse to support the rider’s foot.” So as you can see there was an actual need (necessity) to add heels to the shoes. Now the height of the heel is a different story and it came later and of course the whole fashion about the shoes and the heels as we know it today came much later.

One might say fashion derived from what was necessary,  Human’s creativity is amazing to me. Later on higher heels were worn by people who were short and they wanted to be perceived taller and what better way than to wear heels. The demand for such riding heels became “court-only” wears and were worn by French men. By the late 1600s men’s heels were commonly between three and four inches in height.

Soon, fashion-conscious noble men and women of the French court were caught on high-heeled shoes. High heels became related to opulent wealth. Throughout the seventeen and eighteenth centuries high heels became a noble fashion among French men as well as women. It wasn’t until late 1700s after French revolution that high heels lost its fame because it was the end of the aristocracy and wealth era which heels were associated to.
America’s first retail shoe store started in 1794 in Boston by Quincy Reed.Â
I like to get into more details about modern shoes and the different kind of heels and their origins. You can check my other blogs more about heels.

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  1. MsRRivers Says:

    I, too, enjoy wearing a fine pair of heels. Stilettos have always been my favorite. I love the way they make a sassy outfit look. I prefer 4 – 5 inch high heels. And have learned that you can’t wear high heels with everything. It is just not the norm. I have always been fascinated about how high heels came about. This blog totally clarifies it for me. I think the platform high heel is taking a front seat more so in 2007 with their sleak and sexy style, more and more women are adapting to them. What I cannot quite grasp is why some women won’t pay more attention to the shoe they wear with their outfit. Especially when stepping out for the evening. Anyway, I’d love to write more and share my story about my collection of high heels that I have come to come back into over the past couple of years. I am someone who loved shopping in Beverly Hills, wearing only the best pair of high heels. And now that I have come back in style, I am redefining my wardrobe with the most sexiest styles of high heels and high heel sandals which have become my absolute favorite. Until later…

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