How We See High Heels Today

If we take a look at high heels today, many of the styles and designs we see have been retraced to a historical time period, as designers have attempted to raise the stakes by redesigning many of the more modern style of shoes by giving them an edge and reintroducing them into a new generation of woman who find them attractive and appealing.

And women who are from that era relive the time they once endured in owning a pair of the original styles. It is safe to say that designers have gone above their creativity level.

Even the classic pump has been given a more pointed toe, skinnier heel, and sassier look, with colors that seem to brighten up any location, and has been well accepted among the working women in the business force, leaving the earlier classic pump to carry out its job of going from generation to generation being that of a conservative look for the woman who wants to maintain the old fashioned genre of shoes. But as we dive into the newest and hottest look of high heels today, we have to admit that designers have treaded on the grounds of daring to be different.

Is it the idea to simply keep up with the fashion trends of the 21st century? Or is it to remind us that with each pair of high heels carries its own style of originality and uniqueness – whatever style we as women choose to go for, being unique in our own right is what sets us apart from everyone else. In 1997 I recall purchasing my first pair of high heel sandals. For many years prior to that time, I had always fancied the high heel pump, spectators and the sling back.

What started me on this quest to try something new was that I had seen a woman wearing a rather nice outfit and she had on a pair of sexy black high heel sandals with a heel that must have been 4 or 4.5 in height.

I admired the shoe tremendously and realized I did not own a pair myself.

Venturing down to the neighborhood shoe store where I began my adventure of the high heel sandals, is when I discovered that buying sandals is no easy task and is one that is to be taken with great care and concern in the selection process, which leads me to my next point. Buying high heel shoes, whether pumps or sandals or sling backs, or any shoe for that matter, should not be based on style and appeal alone.

One should consider correct size, comfort, feel, and overall look (including how the shoe looks on your feet). I find that women who do not take care in buying high heels will often run the risk having a shoe disaster.

The shoe may not look right on their feet after they’ve purchased them and are not ready to wear them, regardless of how right they may be for any given outfit – face it, if the shoe does not look good on your feet, I consider it to be a bad choice.

But that’s just my opinion.

High heels should be worn with style, grace and class.

I consider myself of woman of class, therefore, I take great pride in buying high heel shoes.

I pay attention to the scene in how shoes are changing and what are popular styles.

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