Platform Heels – My opinion

In my early 20’s I bought many pairs of platform shoes since back in the 90’s they were in style again.

I never really considered platforms as high heels because one gets the illusion of wearing heels but in reality the heel is only 2 or 3 inches and the rest is platform.

However, there were few designer shoes that did make platforms with higher heels which were very pretty to the eyes. I have couple of pairs of platform heels from Steve Madden that are very pretty and unique and sexy.

Here are the pictures: I will admit that when I got older (in my 30s) I like less and less the bulky platform look.

I prefer stilettos with very high heels.

I always think of regular platforms shoes as for young adults in their 20s.

When I wear a bell bottom or flare jeans, I wear a pair of platform shoe which makes me feel very young.

The definition of the platform heels has changes from 1600 to 1990s and today.

Platforms heels used to be bulkier and heavier and had no support whereas now they are way less bulkier, more feminine, have good support and we have many choices in color and material used.

I always have a pair of platform heel sandals in my closet for a quick slip on when I want to rush out the door to a store or meet a friend at a coffee shop.
Even now while I am writing this blog I have a 5 inch platform heel sandals on. So, platform heels have come a long way and they keep evolving. My advice is that if you have a pair of platforms anywhere in your closet, keep it.

Because you never know when they will be back in fashion again.

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